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Москва, ул. Орджоникидзе, 3
Тел. (495) 954-1271  вн. 3-808

 e-mail: nich@rad.pfu.edu.ru

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The General Business Agreement between the CACP RUDN and “PAREXEL International (RUS)”

The General Business Agreement between the CACP RUDN and “PAREXEL International (RUS)”


The Center of Applied Clinical Pharmacology of RUDN (CACP) headed by Academician of Russian Academy of Science Professor Valentine Moiseev and Professor ZhannaKobalavaisa pioneer in early phase clinical trials in Russia. Since 2003 the CACP is involved in the full range of clinical trial activity from early phase through post-approval studies and has conducted more than 50 exploratory design studies. The CACP has experience in Phase I trials in different patient’s populations including mild-to-severe renal and hepatic failure,first-in-patient trials of antidiabetic and anti-HCV drugs, monoclonal antibodies for treatment of dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis and bronchial asthma.

As a recognition of CAPS high achievements in “PAREXELInternational (RUS)”signed the General Business Agreement on cooperation with the Center.PAREXEL is a worldwide leader in the management and conduct of clinical trials for the biopharmaceutical industry and counts most of the major biopharmaceutical companies of the world as its clients. PAREXEL contracts support the execution of clinical trials according to local laws and regulations and Good Clinical Practice (GCP). This General Business Agreement allows RUDN toexpand its participation in leading biopharmaceutical clinical research and offer its patients and the biopharmaceutical industry substantial clinical trial benefits.

Contact data:

Professor Zhanna Kobalava,

Department of propeadeutics of internal medicine of PFUR

Hospital 64,

61, Vavilova street, Moscow, 117292, Russia

Tel +7 499 1344 65 91

Fax +7 499 134 83 06



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