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Москва, ул. Орджоникидзе, 3
Тел. (495) 954-1271  вн. 3-808

 e-mail: nich@rad.pfu.edu.ru

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Skubachevskii’s Scientific School on Differential and Functional Differential Equations

Skubachevskii’s Scientific School on Differential and Functional Differential Equations


The scientific school headed by Prof. Alexander Skubachevskii (hereinafter, School) originated from his first papers on elliptic differential difference equations in the late 1970s. Since that time, works by A.Skubachevskii and his disciples on boundary value problems for elliptic and parabolic functional differential equations have made a significant contribution to the general theory of functional differential equations and have had numerous applications to elasticity theory, control theory,and nonlinear optics. Theadvances in the field ofellipticequations with nonlocal boundary conditions emerging in biophysics and plasma theory are also primarily associated with the activities of the School. Another actual areawhere the School has recently obtained a number of principal results is kinetic Vlasov’s equations. This topic becomes particularly relevant in connection with the problems of controlled thermonuclear fusion. 


Among the members of School, there are 15 candidates of sciences (PhD) and 5 doctors of sciences. In 2013 the School has won the Grant of the Russian President “The Leading Scientific Schools”. One of the most important activities of the School is organization of cooperation with the Steklov’s Mathematical Institute and the Lomonosov State University on the regular basis, once in three years events, first-rate conferences on differential and functional differential equations (DFDE). The School holds weekly seminars,started more than 25 years agounder the guidance of A. Skubachevskii,which has become widely known in Moscow.Since 2003, the School is in charge for the international journal “Contemporary Mathematics. Fundamental Directions,” whose translated version, “Journal of Mathematical Sciences,” is published by "Springer Science & Business Media, Inc." publishing company. 

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