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RUDN International Projects & Team building

Russian science and economy personnel reserve school in association with Helmholtz scientific center


On October 12, 2015 at the Ecological faculty of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in Moscow there was the opening ceremony of the Russian science and economy personnel reserve school. This project was organized by the non-governmental V. I. Vernadsky ecological fund with the assistance of the Ecological faculty of PFUR, RAO Gazprom, in cooperation with Association of Helmholtz scientific centers, the Russian Academy of Sciences, UNESCO chair at Lomonosov Moscow State University and under the auspices of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO.

V.A. Grachev, President of  V.I. Vernadsky fund, Professor  N.A. Chernykh, Dean of the Ecological faculty of PFUR, Dr. Ludwig Shtroinga, the director of the international relations of Association of Helmholtz scientific centers in Germany expressed readiness for cooperation in science and professional training.

The signing of the Memorandum of cooperation, which took place in the opening ceremony, marked a transition to a new stage in interaction of V. I. Vernadsky fund, Association of Helmholtz scientific centers and Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. It laid the way for deepening their cooperation and confirmed commitment to develop activity in the field of scientific exchanges, joint researches and projects, the organization of cooperative scientific actions, such as round tables, seminars, scientific "schools" for young scientists and students, conferences and forums. The Parties agreed on carrying out these projects on a constant basis. 

In April, 2016 in the frameworks of the agreement with the Helmholtz scientific center the RUDN Ecological Faculty with the support of the Nongovernmental ecological foundation after V.I.Vernadsky held a scientific seminar of the young scholars – scholarship holders of the Vernadsky Foundation. The seminar was organized in the frameworks of the Week of the Ecology “Education, Science, Practice and Employability”. The event was focused on “Actual scientific researches in the sphere of natural resources management and ecological security”. At the final stage of the seminar, 10 young scholars were selected for holding the scientific training in Sochi in October, 2016 together with the Helmholtz scientific center. The title of the future event is “Joint scientific researches of the young scholars of Russia and Germany – strengthening the dialogue of the civil society in future”. 

The purposes of the scientific training are: introduction into research priorities of the Russian and German young scholars; definition of the joint research topics for the promotion of scientific interests and advancement in the scientific world; building the joint research teams for elaboration actual thematic areas for both countries.

The anticipated results of the training are: new practical skills of the participants in innovative project management; the possibility to evaluate personal research topic from the point of view of its practical meaning; experience of interaction with the representatives of enterprises on the issues of launching innovative projects in production process; expanding professional and scientific visions; formation of the community of the young talented scholars and research groups with the purpose to establish in future national and international research networks; raising research potential of the young scholars for the improvement the society quality of life and socio-economic development of the country; forming active life strategy among the young scholars.

The main research areas are: “Biodiversity”, “Arctic Exploration” and “Climate Changes”.

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