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RUDN International cooperation with the usage of tele-medical technologies

RUDN International cooperation with the usage of tele-medical technologies


RUDN has launched regular (6-8 per year) international tele-symposiums on the actual issues of medicine – on the crossroads of different discipline areas. Tele-symposiums involve the leading foreign and Russian scholars with the participation of the Medical Institute staff, students and post-graduates and physicians from different regions of the Russian Federation. Tele-symposiums are held with the usage of the contemporary technologies of videoconferences with the studio quality of sound and video. With the help of the video server, 15-20 clinics of the RF and the other countries may join the conference above the main participants. They get access to full-fledged participation in discussions and presentations. In addition, there is on-line Internet broadcasting of tele-symposium what allows to broaden the number of participants to 200-300 people.

Last year there were the Russian-French tele-symposiums on oncological fertility (October 2015) and Russian-German tele-symposiums on oncological stomatology (November 2015).The key presenter from France was JN Hugues, M.D., Ph.D., Department of Reproductive Medicine, Jean Verdier Hospital, Bondy University Paris XIII. The key presenter from Russia was V. Kasyan, the Head of the Gynecological Department of the Scientific Clinical Center of the RZhD (Russian Railroad Company), which is the clinical base of the RUDN Department on Medical Information and Telemedicine. RUDN students were extremely enthusiastic with this event and they felt it as a turning point of their professional career (see Picture_1, the group of English speaking students with Prof. Valery Surovtsev in the middle after the tele-symposium with France).

The leaders of the Russian-German tele-symposium were Deputy Director of the RUDN Medical Institute Prof. Victor Surovtsev

В.В. Суровцев

and the Dean of the Dental faculty Prof. Avanesov (see Pic_3). The main audience included students and the faculty staff. Fifteen clinics of the Russian Federation joined them due to the video conference connection. On parallel, there was on-line demonstration in the Internet at the website of the RZhD (Russian Railroad Company) Clinical Center. You can find the record on YouTube.ru by clicking “RZhD Scientific Clinical Center”. The key presenter from Germany was Professor, Dr. med. Jürgen Strutz, ÄrztlicherDirektor der HNO Klinik der Universität Regensburg(see Pic_3 at the right monitor), the key presenter and symposium moderator from Russia – the Dean of the RUDN Dental Faculty Prof. Avanesov.

Both symposiums resulted with the agreement to make joint scientific researches and to organize further distant video conciliums on the most complicated patients for elaboration final diagnosis.

In 2016, there is a range of tele-symposiumson the most actual medical issues: cardiology, oncological ophthalmology, proton medicine and etc.) with the leading University hospitals of Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and others.

We are expanding our cooperation for the improvement of tele-medical technologies trough holding interactive distance master-classes and tele-mentoring, through acquisition of new operations and diagnostic equipment. The primary idea is to observe the operation process through the eyes of the surgeon or diagnostician what is provided by video-conference connection between operating room and the distant (sometimes over hundreds of miles) audience. This kind of interactive broadcasting (when you can watch the operation process with the help of the camera on the surgeon helmet and ask questions as the operation progresses) is a part of the study course on tele-medicine of the graduate students.(SeePic_4 with the surgeon in a helmet for collecting and transferring the stereo –mage of the operation – Russian device)

In the frameworks of the international cooperation in tele-medicine, we are planning the projects on broadcasting stereoscopic three-dimensional display of the operation field what is extremely important for the perfection of surgeons (there is a range of Russian patents in this area). In the frameworks of the business role-play game, the students also prepare and hold distance video-consultations with the usage of video conference connection. We are hoping that this experience will help our students when they get back home to their countries to use the opportunity of holding video-consultations with complicated patients for making the second opinion of the RUDN professor. After the completion of studies in RUDN, our graduates will get diploma with the special instructions on holding video-consultations and distance tele-education so that they will keep contacts with RUDN as their alma mater forever.

We keep advanced positions in holding tele-lectures with foreign universities with the exchange experience in telemedicine – including training specialists of tele-medical centers of the RF and CIS countries. We have also experience of cooperation with the Universities of BRICS (see Pic_5 and Pic_6 with the images of Brazil and Indian tele-bridges), with the universities of Europe, USA and Canada(annual international schools of tele-medicine)/

Today RUDN Medical Instituteis planning to transform our teacher’s skills and knowledge into the Master course on tele-medicine. See Pic_7 and Pic_8 with the images of tele-conciliums held by our students to assess their progress in tele-medicine.


For more information, contact Prof. Valery Stolyar 

E-mail: v_stoliar@yahoo.com

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