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Open International Competitive Tender to support the scientific, innovative projects developed by young scientists with working experience in leading Russian and foreign Universities and / or leading Russian and foreign scientific organizations required f

The Organizer of the Competitive Tender – the Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "Peoples' Friendship University of Russia" (RUDN). Location and postal address of the Organizer of the competitive tender: 6 Miklukho-Maklaya str., Moscow, Russia, 117198. Order No. 24 / ppk of 05.02.2018




Joint Institute for Chemical Research (JICR):

1. Dispersion interactions and effects of a solvent in homogeneous catalysis with the involvement of transition metals

2. Selective reactions of compounds containing carbon-oxygen pi-bonds


Number of winning projects – 5


S.M. Nikolsky Mathematical Institute

1. Mathematical simulation of the dynamics of cardiovascular diseases


Number of winning projects – 5


Agrarian and Technological Institute

1. Investigation of the main factors affecting the emission of carbon dioxide in urban ecosystems

2. Simulation of seasonal and interseasonal dynamics of СО2 emission

3. Analysis of the status and ecosystem functions of green spaces using vortex covariance complexes, satellite sounding data for land use analysis, the use of drones with parallel land data collection


Number of winning projects – 2


Competition periodfrom February 20 to May 18, 2018


Application perioduntil April 19, 2018



Requirements for the participants of the Competitive Tender


The Russian citizens, received a degree in a foreign country (hereinafter referred to as a PhD degree) or the foreign citizens, received a PhD degree corresponding to the following requirements are entitled to take part in the Competitive Tender:


1. Work Experience in leading Russian and foreign universities and / or leading Russian and foreign scientific organizations – at least 1 year (in total)

2. As of the date of completion of the project works the age of a young scientist should not exceed:

 – 35 years for the Candidate of Science,

 – 40 years for the Doctor of Science or PhD.

3. The young scientists, received a Ph.D. degree during the last 3 years preceding the date of the announcement of the competition shall prevail.

4. The availability of at least three publications in the journals indexed in the WoS (JIF) or Scopus (SJR) databases of 1, 2, 3 quartiles during the last three full years, including 1 article published in the journals Q1 / Q2 (WoS / Scopus DB).



Step 1. Study the requirements for the scientific research and the conditions for their conduct


1. The theme of the project should correspond to the announced specific scientific field of the scientific laboratory / RUDN center, another structural subdivision of RUDN, on the basis of which the research will be conducted.

2. The stated scientific research should not be a repetition of the scientific research.

3. The conditions for the conduct of the scientific research provide for the obligatory personal presence in RUDN.

4. The obligatory results of the scientific research shall be the following publications:

-      based on the results of the first year – at least one article in the field of scientific research in the editions included in the first quartile of the journal indexed in the Scopus / Web of Science databases and; at least 2 articles in the field of scientific research in the editions not lower than the second quartile of the journal, indexed in the Scopus / Web of Science databases;

-      based on the results of the second year – not less than one article in the field of scientific research in the editions included in the first quartile of the journal indexed in the Scopus / Web of Science databases and; at least two articles in the field of scientific research in editions no lower than the second quartile of the journal, indexed in the Scopus / Web of Science databases.


5. When conducting a scientific research, a young scientist should popularize the results of a scientific research in the form of reports (at least 2 reports annually) at prestigious international conferences, seminars, etc. taking place outside the Russian Federation, as well as by using the external international media of various kinds. For the achievement of the results of the scientific research, provided for by the employment contract, the young scientist shall bear the personal responsibility.



Step 2. Prepare an application for participation in the Competitive Tender


In Russian and English for the citizens of the Russian Federation or in English for the foreign candidates.

If the application for participation in the Competition contains the documents written in other languages, these documents may be submitted as part of the competitive application, provided that they are accompanied by a certified translation into Russian or English.

The application for participation in the Competition must contain:

-      Form 1. "Entry form" (see the section "Contests and Grants");

-      Form 2. "Scientific, innovative project" (see the section "Competitions and grants");

-      The consent to the personal data processing (see the section "Contests and Grants");

-      The opinion of the research manager from the previous place of work or training with the indication of the contact details;

-      The opinions of at least two recognized experts in the specified field of science, with the indication of their contact details;

-      The Appendices (at the discretion of the applicant, which may include the awards, certificates and recognitions, certificates of knowledge of languages and computer programs (Relevant Skills and Qualifications), a description of the social activities participated by the candidate (volunteering and charity);

-      A copy of PhD conferment in English and / or Russian or a certified translation into one of these languages (if available);

-      A copy of national identity document.


Step 3. Submit the documents for review

Until April 19, 2018 the application documents for participation in the Competitive Tender must be sent to the Scientific and Innovation Policy Office (hereinafter – IPO) in the electronic form (in Russian / English in Word and pdf format) by e-mail: science@pfur.ru


Step 4. Wait for the decision of the Competition Commission

The results of the Competitive Tender, the winning projects, the performers shall be announced by IPO on the official RUDN website www.rudn.ru


Step 5. Conclude the employment contract in case of winning

-        The young scientist-executor of the project, received on a competitive basis a financial support for the implementation of a scientific, innovative project, shall be employed by the RUDN.

-        The remuneration of labor shall be carried out in accordance with the Regulations on remuneration of labor and other forms of material support for the university employees. Provided that the young scientists achieved the performance indicators of the effective contract, they can be given incentive payments on the basis of a decision of the Scientific and Technical Council (STC) on the proposal of the head of the subdivision agreed with IPO.

-        The payment can be quarterly. The amount of the bonus shall be determined in proportion to the results achieved under the contract.


RUDN shall:

-        provide a workplace, an opportunity to access the available experimental base of RUDN for the purposes of scientific research;

-        provide funding for the scientific research;

-        if necessary, accommodate a young scientist in the RUDN campus in Moscow;

-        appoint a research supervisor from the part of RUDN from a scientific laboratory / center, another structural subdivision of RUDN, on the basis of which the research will be conducted.


More detailed information and tender documentation:




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