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VI International Conference on Landscape Architecture to Support City Sustainable Development on the topic «Megacities 2050: environmental consequences of urbanization in Europe»

VI International Conference on Landscape Architecture to Support City Sustainable Development on the topic «Megacities 2050: environmental consequences of urbanization in Europe» took place on the Agrarian Technological Institute of RUDN University in collaboration with Tuscia University (Italy) and City University of New York (USA)on September 12 - 14, 2016.

The International Conference on Landscape Architecture to Support City Sustainable is a traditional event, annually hosted at the RUDN University of Russia since 2010 (www.megacities2050.com). Conference materials were published by RUDN press (e.g. ISBN 978-5-209-05899-1), whereas the selected articles were published in the special issues of the journal «RUDN Herald» (e.g. ISSN for on-line version 2312-7988). The conference “Megacities 2050: environmental consequences of urbanization in Europe” launches the series of international research and educational meetings, organized under the umbrella of EDEMS Erasmus+ Jean Monnet project at The RUDN University of Russia in 2016-2017

The International Conference on Landscape Architecture to Support City Sustainable Development is an annual event, providing the platform for scientists, landscape architects, civil engineers, urban planners and managers to discuss environmental, economic and social problems of sustainable urban development. This year the conference was organized for the sixth time and focused on the environmental consequences of urbanization in Europe – one of the most urbanized regions in the world. The conference was hosted by the RUDN University of Russia (Moscow, Russia) – the most international university in Eastern Europe. Near 25 ths of students study in the university and more than 5 ths of them are students from foreign countries. They represent 139 countries of the world. International collaboration is among the main priorities of the university, therefore, substantial efforts were made to organize the conference following the highest international standards. The scientific program of the conference included three conference days, excursion to laboratories and research centers and diverse social program. More than 150 participants from more than 20 countries joined the conference. 

The conference includes plenary and sectional oral presentation, posters and informal discussions, thematic excursions and social program. In order to receive multi-disciplinary feedback a broad audience, including scientific and research community, municipal services, environmental protection agency and stakeholder working in urban management and greenery, will get involved in the discussion of environmental consequences of urbanizations and possible solutions.

Total number of participants 363.

Plenary: Urbanization: challenges and perspectives

  1. The Urbanization of Biosphere: from Mega- to Ecopolises
  2. Urbanization consequences for climate change
  3. The role of soil in sustainable urban ecosystems
  4. Experimental and analytical approaches to monitor and model urbanization for the case of New Moscow
  5. Landscape scenario of Saint-Petersburg

Session 1. Urban Green Infrastructure

  1. About the methods of the green infrastructure formation in the cities
  2. Monitoring and maintenance of the old trees in the Summer and Mikhailovskii Gardens in Saint-Petersburg
  3. Green technologies in urban planning
  4. Development of vertical greenery technologies
  5. The Way of Integration Green Areas Megacities

Session 2. Urbanization effect on air quality and surface water

  1. Monitoring and assessing air quality in urban park
  2. Integral environmental monitoring network RusFluxNet
  3. Analysis of green house gas emission by urban soils
  4. GIS and 3-D modeling of air pollution in Moscow city

The ceremony of awarding the winners of creative contest (photo contest "New Green Moscow")


Session 3. Urban soils (Городские почвы)

  1. Modeling and mapping urban soils

2.      SUITMAs: formation, classification, functioning Assessment of heavy metals pollution in urban soil of New York

3.      Economic aspects in assessment of urban soils’ chemical pollution

4.      Assessing Bioaccessibility of Lead in Urban Garden Soils

5.      Urban soil monitoring in New York

6.      Heavy metals contents in soils of urban areas of Yamal region

Session4. Analysis, assessment and technological support of urban sustainable development

  1. Analysis and assessment of the microbiological activity of urban soils
  2. Influence of latitudinal zonality on some chemical properties of urban soils
  3. Eco-toxicological techniques for complex assessment of urban ecosystems Sustainable development of urban environment: recent trends in planning and constrcution


The conference was attended by experts in the aerea of ecology, soil science, landscape design and sustainable development of Italy, the Netherlands, the USA, the leading specialized Russian universities, institutes, organizations in the field of environmental design, landscaping and beautification. Discussed key issues in Urban ecology. Also at the conference were discussed solutions to the environmental consequences of urbanization and the development strategy of environmentally sustainable cities.

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