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Winners in the Bayer’s business game organized "From a Molecule to Medicine"

On April 19, 2017 masters of the Institute of Biochemical Technology and Nanotechnology (IBTN) Natalya Bagayeva, Abo Kura Luay, Armyaninova Darya , Irina Erofeyeva , Novikova Anna participated in a business game organized by the pharmaceutical company Bayer "From a Molecule to Medicine" within the Pharma program in Giperkube (Innovative center "Skolkovo"). Following the results of a game research group consisted of Natalya Bagayeva, Abo Kura Luaya and Darya Armyaninova has received the maximum financing for their project and has won the I place! Congratulations!

Participants of this interesting simulation tried themselfs hand at as employees and heads of the international pharmaceutical company Ygeia, and also – the independent researchers interacting with Ygeia for creating of new drug for treatment of hemophilia.

Under the leadership of experts and the leader, departments of the pharmaceutical company could make decisions appropriately, and researchers could present competently their projects of the developments taking according to the opinion of investors.

Darya Armyaninova, Abo Kura Luay and Natalya Bagayeva investigated alternative biological medicines.

Irina Erofeyeva took part in group of researchers "Oral biological medicines".

Anna Novikova became a part of the international pharmaceutical company Ygeia.

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