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Visit of the head of department of foreign languages (Philological faculty of RUDN University) Yu.N. Ebzeeva to Spain

Yu.N. Ebzeeva, the head of the Department of Foreign Languages of the Philological Faculty, Adviser on Interaction with International Rating Agencies, visited University of Navarra and participated in the annual international conference "Understanding the student perspective: keys to a reputation strategy" (2nd Edition “Building universities ́reputation” conference / http://noticias.universia.es/educacion/noticia/2016/11/03/1145225/llega-nueva-edicion-congreso-building-universities-reputation.html ). In 2017 the conference was held in University of Navarra on March 30-31, 2017. Participation in a forum was accepted by representatives of universities from around the world: Adriana Perez-Encinas, University of Navarra, Hans de Wit, member of International Expert Council of RUDN University, director of the Center for International Higher Education (CIHE) of Boston college (USA), Seeta Bhardwa, Times Higher Education organization, Maria del Mar Lorenzo Moledo, Santiago de Compostela University, Mark Sudbury, vice-president for global partnership of St Mary's College, (Oscott, Great Britain) and member of the committee of "The World 100 Reputation Network", Andy Shaindlin, vice-president of Association of graduates and many others.

The problems of Russian education were discussed during a special Round table in which, besides the Russian representatives, took part representatives of University of Navarra and Vilnius University. Also were held meetings with the management of Institute of foreign languages (University of Navarra), the teacher of Russian Galina Savitskaya. The management of Institute has suggested to continue cooperation both in educational, and in scientific areas.

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