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Project «Sustainability of the University - Environmental Responsibility of the Students»

As we know RUDN University successfully started in 2016, having taken the 115th place in the rating of GreenMetric. It is especially important that students have taken part in maintenance of "the green status" of university. Modern universities – not only the centers of education and researches. Environmental friendliness, resource-saving demand innovative approaches which first of all have to be formed in the educational centers.

Among universities of Russia of RUDN there is one of the few higher education institutions having campus infrastructure. The territory of RUDN University – the place of compact accommodation of thousands of students from more than 150 countries of the world, the place of work of hundreds of employees. Therefore the analysis of an ecological condition of a campus – an important practical and scientific task for students, young scientists and researchers.

Students of ecological faculty examine the campus and surrounding grounds, determine zones of "ecological comfort" and the raised anthropogenic impact on the basis of estimates of level of air pollution and other environments, a geochemical condition of soils, noise loadings, levels of electromagnetic fields, a condition of vegetation. Researches are conducted all the year round. It allows to establish the existing technogenic load of the territory of a campus, to develop recommendations about maintenance of a green zone in a comfortable state. At the same time students put into practice the gained theoretical knowledge. Now cards of pollution of the territory of a campus are received by emissions of pollutants, noise loadings and a radiation background are estimated. In general the condition of the territory can be estimated as satisfactory. "Problem" points are outside the territory of the RUDN University.

Students of ecological faculty were demonstrated the results of RUDN University work as national coordinator in Russia (the student's project on environmental monitoring of a campus), also were discussed possibilities of expansion of partnership of "Green universities" (universities - participants of global partnership of universities for sustainable development and the Global rating of UI GreenMetric World University Ranking ). The agreement of national coordinators and the agreement of universities - participants of GreenMetric about further development of the environmental movement of universities were signed. Participation doesn't demand financing; participants have to organize meetings (workshops, conferences and etc.) of universities dedicated to the environmental friendliness of higher education institutions. Organizers have approved efforts of RUDN University and interested in organization of events on ecologization of higher education institutions in Russia on the base of RUDN University in 2017-2018.

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