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Open lecture of professor of The University of the Basque Country Mr. Roberto Monforte Dyupre

From June 5 to June 10 2017 in theframework of the academic mobility project "Erasmus +" to philological faculty of RUDN there came the associate professor of classical philology (office of Slavic philology) of faculty of arts of University of the Basque Country (Spain) doctor Roberto Monforte Dyupre.

Roberto Monfort Dyuprу is the graduate of the Complutense University of Madrid, the Doctor of literature ( the Complutense University of Madrid), the specialist in literary communications of Spain and Russia, Spain and Poland, the analysis of the art text of theory of translation on material of the Russian, Polish and Spanish literature.

On June 5, 2017 he presentet at RUDN University Philological faculty his lecture"Teaching Russian, Literature and the Translation at University of the Basque Country". The lecture was dedicatet to the questions of a language situation and a bilingualism in the Basque Country, structure of University of the Basque Country, teaching Russian, literature and the translation at University of the Basque Country and etc. At a lecture there attended students of the Philology and Linguistics and some professors of the faculty.

During the lecture attendees had a remarkable opportunity to get acquainted with techniques of teaching and the translation of the Russian literature, and also approaches to studying of Russian abroad. Mr. Dyupre made a lecture in Russian, but during discussion students could ask questions to professor on its native, Spanish.

The program of stay of doctor Dyupre included also further research of the Spanish-Russian literary communications and the translations of the Russian classics into Spanish.

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