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III International scientific conference "Contemporary Problems of Psychology and Pedagogics in the Modern World"

6 - On April 7, 2017 the department of psychology and pedagogics of RUDN University Philological faculty held the III-rd International scientific conference "Contemporary Problems of Psychology and Pedagogics in the Modern World".

More than 150 people (from them 4 member correspondents of Russian Academy of Science, 40 doctors of science, professors, 62 candidate of science) from 6 countries of the world (Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, France, Belarus) and 11 regions of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Kaliningrad, Orenburg, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Tula, Izhevsk, Murmansk, Tver, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg) have taken part in work of this conference. The famous research collectives of the different Institutes of Russian Academy of Science, professors of the Federal medical research center of psychiatry and narcology of V. P. Serbsky and 7 foreign and 22 Russian higher education institutes have participated in the conference.

The conference was dedicated to the discussion of scientific and practical results of psychological and pedagogical researches in the modern world. Uniqueness and innovativeness of the conference consisted in participation of leading experts of the cross-disciplinary areas. The issues considered within the conference have reflected the important scientific directions and problems of modern psychological and pedagogical sciences. Also the issues of this conference demonstrated the importance and efficiency of intersubject and multidisciplinary communications in a research of the difficult and complete phenomenas in the psychological, pedagogical, social sciences.

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