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Fabio Boero's (Italy) lecture for students of the Institute of foreign languages

April 19, 2017 Fabio Boero, director of the Italian center of culture of Fabrizio De André (Centro italiano di cultura Fabrizio de Andrè), the member of European Association for Language Testing and Assessment, visited RUDN University Institute of foreign languages.

Fabio Boero made for students learning Italian of Institute of foreign languages a presentation "Postgraduate Education in Italy". He has paid the main attention to the latest didactic technologies used by teachers of their center. He also told about new skills retention - a schematization and visualization of the obtained information. These skills, according to Mr. Boero, allow people to make process of retention more effective.

He has also answered questions of students about the features of educational and organizational process of training in the Center, about the cultural program and also informed them that the Italian center of culture of Fabrizio De André issues certificates of education after the training. The Center within postgraduate education trains translators of Italian in the area of professional communication, and also there is a programme for bachelors for preparing and passing certified examination of CILS. He has also confirmed a possibility of granting for students of Institute of foreign languages.

As Mr. Boero has noted the RUDN University is well-known among his colleagues in Italy and first of all by its high level of teaching Russian as foreign language. According to him, he has also been impressed with the sizes of the campus of RUDN University and its wellgroomed territory.

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