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Москва, ул. Орджоникидзе, 3
Тел. (495) 954-1271  вн. 3-808

 e-mail: nich@rad.pfu.edu.ru

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Newsletter N2 2017

RUDN University Newsletter

Issue N 2, June 2017


People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN)

People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN)




Faculty of Russian Language and General Disciplines

Agrarian Technological Institute

Ecological Faculty 

Institute of Foreign Languages

Economic Faculty

Institute of Space Technology

Engineering Academy

Hotel Business and Tourism Institute

Faculty of Sciences

Institute of Law

Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences

Institute of Gravitation and Cosmology

Philological Faculty

Institute of World Economy and Businesses (International School of Business)


Institute of Bio-medical Researches 


Institute of Medicine


Research Institute of Chemistry


Nikol'skii Mathematical Institute


Institute of Applied Mathematics & Communications Technology


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Priority research areas of RUDN University

RUDN University takes an active part in the implementation of research on priority scientific areas in close cooperation with the leading universities of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, with the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FAO) and other leading scientific organizations of Russia.

Annually in RUDN University the candidate and doctoral dissertations are defended, patents for inventions of our scientists in various areas of science and technology are systematically issued, scientific publications, including articles, are published.

There are the most priority scientific areas of RUDN University


RUDN University Scientific Conferences

III International scientific conference "Contemporary Problems of Psychology and Pedagogics in the Modern World"

15th International Blischenko Congress

XI International scientific conference "ADVERTISING VECTOR 2017: new coordinates"

The Fourth International Scientific Conference “Advances in Synthesis and Complexing”

International conference "The higher school: experience, problems and prospects"

The 9th International Congress of the Working Group on Soils of Urban, Industrial, Traffic, Mining and Military Areas (SUITMA 9)

3d IAA Conference on Dynamics and Control of Space Systems, DyCoSS ’2017

The First 5G Summit R&D Russia in RUDN University


RUDN University International scientific and educational cooperation


RUDN University cooperation with the Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy

Participation in the 3rd International Workshop on UI GreenMetric World University Rankings (IWGM) 

Fabio Boero's (Italy) lecture for students of the Institute of foreign languages

Visit of the head of department of foreign languages (Philological faculty of RUDN University) Yu.N. Ebzeeva to Spain

Visit of professor of Massachusetts University (USA) Rachael Rubin

Visit of Dr. Asaad Alevayvi, professor of the Open University

Participation in the conference of the International Communication Association (ICA) in San Diego, California, USA 

Open lecture of professor of The University of the Basque Country Mr. Roberto Monforte Dyupre


Students’ Initiatives

Winners in the Bayer’s business game organized "From a Molecule to Medicine"

XI International Biotechnology Forum - Exhibition "RosBioTech-2017" Gold medal for the postgraduate of RUDN University

Project «Sustainability of the University - Environmental Responsibility of the Students»


RUDN University research institutes, centers and laboratories

RUDN University Laboratory for Metabolomics

Laboratory of innovative ways of Drug Delivery

RUDN Main Publications


Scientists of The RUDN University publish results of their scientific researches in highly-recognized in whole world and indexed in international databases journals (Web of Science, Scopus ect.). That, of course, corresponds to the high status of the University and its international recognition. Here you can see annotations of articles, which were published in journals having Q1-Q3.  See here.

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