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Тел. (495) 954-1271  вн. 3-808

 e-mail: nich@rad.pfu.edu.ru

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Newsletter N1 2017

RUDN University Newsletter

Issue N 1, April 2017

People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN)

People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN)




Faculty of Russian Language and General Disciplines                       

Agrarian Technological Institute

Ecological Faculty 

Institute of Foreign Languages

Economic Faculty

Institute of Space Technology

Engineering Academy

Hotel Business and Tourism Institute

Faculty of Sciences

Institute of Law

Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences

Institute of Gravitation and Cosmology

Philological Faculty

Institute of World Economy and Businesses (International School of Business)


Institute of Bio-medical Researches 


Institute of Medicine


Research Institute of Chemistry


Nikol'skii Mathematical Institute


Institute of Applied Mathematics & Communications Technology


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RUDN University research institutes, centers and laboratories

In 2017 for the promotion of RUDN University in subject rankings of universities, «QS World University Rankings by Subject Area» were opened three new research centers: Institute of Applied Mathematics & Communications Technology (RUDN University IAM&CT); Nikol'skii Mathematical Institute (RUDN University NMI); Research Institute of Chemistry (RUDN University RIC). By 2020, the university should enter the top 100 best universities of the world in the direction of mathematics, and in the top 200 - in chemistry. Institutions themselves were created on the basis of the departments of the Faculty of Sciences.

The purpose of the opening of the three institutions is the concentration of resources in breakthrough areas of science and technology, as well as the support of leading scientific schools RUDN University and increase their scientific reputation all over the world. Special attention will be given to active cooperation with the world's leading research centers in mathematics and chemistry.

Institute of Applied Mathematics & Communications Technology

Nikol'skii Mathematical Institute

Research Institute of Chemistry

The International Center for Emerging Markets Research


RUDN University international Projects & Team building


Obukhovsky V.V ., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Nonlinear Analysis and optimization of the Faculty of Sciences «Solution optimization and control problems and methods of nonlinear multi-valued analysis» ( 17-51-52022 MNT_a - international research project jointly with The National Taiwan University, duration of the investigation 2017-2019)

Varlamov A.V., Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, Head of the Department of Organic Chemistry of the Faculty of Sciences of RUDN University «Synthesis and research multicomponent reactions in the preparation of biologically active heterocyclic compounds» (17-53-540001 Vet_a international research project jointly with The Vietnam National University, duration of the investigation 2017-2018)

 Current scientific competitions


RUDN University educational programmes


Additional Education Program Winter School «Digital + Event: New Trends» of the Institute of World Economy and Business (International School of Business)


RUDN University Scientific Conferences

The IV International Scientific Conference “Spiritual and Moral Culture in Higher School 1917-2017: comprehension of the history”

8-9 February 2017 RUDN University with the support of the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature held the 1st International scientific practical conference «Russian language online: identity, community, communication, culture»

International Scientific Symposium «Vitaktiva-Phyto»

VII Scientific Conference «Africa in the Context of development of a New System of International Relations»

Actual problems of modern linguistics and the humanities were discussed at the Institute of Foreign Languages (RUDN University)

RUDN University took part in the International Specialized Exhibition

RUDN University International scientific and educational cooperation: First steps and Latest Cooperation Agreements

Strengthening cooperation in the field of education: Visit to Eotvos Lorand University and Russian Cultural Centre, Budapest (Hungary)

Participation in the «Reinventing Ourselves: Innovation and the Liberal Arts» (Texas A&M University at Qatar Liberal Arts International Conference 2017)

Representative of the Universite libre de Bruxelles made an official visit to RUDN University

Participation in the international educational exhibition «Salão do Estudante» in Brazil

RUDN team was 5th in XI Annual Michael Thorsnes International Arbitration Pre-Moot Competition in the USA

Work of delegation of RUDN University in Vietnam

Participation in the international educational exhibition «School 2017»

Participation in Agent Workshops in Sãn Paulo, Brazil

Working trip of delegation of The RUDN University to the Republic Kenya

Working meeting of delegation from the Azerbaijan Republic with RUDN University's management

Participation in the international educational exhibition «Expo-Estudiante-Spring 2017» in Panama

Memorandum of a cooperation of RUDN and CELSA


RUDN University Main Publications

(January – March 2017)

            Scientists of The RUDN University publish results of their scientific researches in highly-recognized in whole world and indexed in international databases journals (Web of Science, Scopus ect.). That, of course, corresponds to the high status of the University and its international recognition. See here.


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