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Working meeting of delegation from the Azerbaijan Republic with RUDN University's management

On March 2, 2017 was held the working meeting of delegation from the Azerbaijan Republic and a management of RUDN University.

On a foreign delegation RUDN visited: rector of the Azerbaijan technological university Suleymanov A. Sh., the vice -rector for a scientific part of the Azerbaijan technological university Yusifov S. D., the Adviser of Embassy of the Azerbaijan Republic in Russia Imaliyev V., representatives of the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic, Embassy of the Azerbaijan Republic in Russia, the center of assistance to migrants.

From RUDN University participated the First Vice-Rector, Vice-Rector for Research Kirabayev N. S., the vice- rector for the international academic mobility Efremova L. I., dean of Agrarian-Technological institute Plyushchikov V. G.

Within the meeting was signed the agreement on a scientific cooperation between the RUDN University and the Azerbaijan technological university (http://aztu.edu.az/azp/).

Also took place the meeting of members of delegation with the vice-rector for additional education of the RUDN University Dolzhikova A. V., where was reached the agreement about opening of the local center of testing of RUDN University based on the Azerbaijan technological university. This center will carry out professional development courses for the Azerbaijan specialists for training them in teaching Russian as foreign. During the visit for foreign guests were organized excursions in Control center of flights of RUDN University, scientific library of University.

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