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RUDN team was 5th in XI Annual Michael Thorsnes International Arbitration Pre-Moot Competition in the USA

The task at the Annual Michael Thorsnes International Arbitration Pre-Moot Competition in San-Diego is to convince the jury that a certain stance can be accepted in arbitration. RUDN team was very successful and got the 5th place.

According to Kamo Chilingaryan, RUDN lecturer and the team’s coach, the result proves that knowledge of the English language acquired at RUDN makes the students very competitive. Preparation for the competition is a good career start and also gives a lot of professional contacts with foreign lawyers and students from the best world universities. The main competition takes place in Vienna, but the Moscow and San-Diego pre-moots are very important contributions in the team’s experience, according to Diana Khamizova, 2nd year Master student of RUDN Law Institute.

In 2016, RUDN Law Institute team became the first international team to participate in the moot. In 2017, a Japanese team also joined.

RUDN team was organized in 2011 by enthusiastic students Stanislav Trofimchuk, Timofey Ilyin, Irina Gneusheva and some others who started preparing for the competition in Vienns and in the first year of participation became 194 among 300 teams. Next year they were already 154, which was a big success considering that Russia is represented by 5-6 teams, while India – by 20.

The preparation, which starts in January, is very intense- each training is recorded for further analysis. In 2015, RUDN team won the Moscow tour, in 2016, they were 3rd in San-Diego. The team regularly meets on-line with other international teams. In March, they will participate in the Moscow pre-moot to prepare for the XXIV  Moot in Vienna, where more than 400 teams will be presented. That is 100 teams more than in 2016.

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