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International Scientific Symposium «Vitaktiva-Phyto»

On February 14-16, 2017, was held the International Scientific Symposium «Vitaktiva-Phyto». It was the first specialized event that brought together Russian and foreign manufacturers and medical workers joined by a common goal: to improve the duration and quality of life, prevent diseases, enhance functional opportunities of the human body and promotion of a healthy lifestyle among various segments of the population.

The symposium was attended by representatives of over 50 organizations, institutions and medical centers, researchers, specialists and experts from Russia, Korea, India and Bulgaria.

Supporting organizations: the Council of Federation Committee on Economic Policy, the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Association of Gerontologists and Geriatrics, the Academy of Labor and Social Relations, the Research Institute of Labor and Social Insurance, the All-Russian Center for Living Standards and etc.

Within the framework of the symposium,  were presented reports and an exhibition on the following thematic sections:

• Phytotherapy: practice and prospects

• Ivan-tea: collection, processing and application

• Mumiyo: collection, processing and application

• Ginseng: natural and cultured

• Cedar: properties, processing and application

• Jerusalem potato: properties, processing and application

• Amaranth: agricultural technology and processing.

More than a thousand participants, including representatives of enterprises and companies, research institutes, classical and traditional medicine centers, the teaching staff of RUDN University, students and post-graduate students visited the exhibition.

The event confirmed the serious interest of the audience in the field of active longevity technologies, and also received positive feedback from exhibitors and visitors. The symposium served to strengthen the cooperation between industry organizations and leading scientific specialists of the phytotherapy. According to the majority of participants, the International Scientific Symposium «Vitaktiva-Phyto» has become a significant event, contributing to the establishment of new professional contacts, the development of new products and the expansion of their application.

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