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Москва, ул. Орджоникидзе, 3
Тел. (495) 954-1271  вн. 3-808

 e-mail: nich@rad.pfu.edu.ru

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Institute of Applied Mathematics & Communications Technology

The sphere of research of this institute is system analysis, applied mathematics and IT-technologies. Science can’t exist without an exact calculation, so the spectrum of application of the scientific results of this division is wide enough. Today there are new standards in mobile communications technology, for example, 5G. They demand load calculation, quality of service, pricing, etc.

The very important part of scientific activity of The Institute of Applied Mathematics & Communications Technology is creating of the mathematical models. By using these models mobile operators will be able to optimize its power while implementing these standards. It will be a very important step through the development of mobile communications of the new generation. Companies will move to the fifth generation of mobile communication, and one of the most important scientific aims of this institute is to help them in this.

At the moment the Institute develops and strengthens the scientific and research cooperation with Tampere University of Technology in Finland (http://www.tut.fi/en/home), Finland's second-largest university in engineering sciences, which cooperates with Nokia corporation. The company is interested in highly qualified researchers and for solving this problem Tampere University of Technology collaborates with the scientists of RUDN University, Professor Konstantin E. Samouylov and his team of researches.


The Institute's employers will participate in the development of mathematical models for new technologies of mobile communication companies. In the West, there is already a great need for these services. It is a great opportunity of sharing experiences at this sphere, also our scientists will obtain access to innovations in mobile communications. The Institute's Scientific inventions have a broad applicability, except mobile companies, anyone who is engaged in manufacturing, transportation and logistics of various cargoes can be a client of the Institute. 

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