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Actual problems of modern linguistics and the humanities were discussed at the Institute of Foreign Languages (RUDN University)

On March 16, 2017, the IX International Scientific Conference «Actual Problems of Modern Linguistics and Humanities» was held at the Institute of Foreign Languages of RUDN University. This conference was included to the program of the Russian-British Year of Science and Education. For many years this international project was a joint project of the Institute of Foreign Languages of RUDN University and the Catholic University of Lille.

In 2017 University of Carthage became the co-organizer of the project. This International Scientific and Methodological Project is also supported by the Institute for the Development Strategy of the Russian Academy of Education.

The International Linguistic Forum of this year is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Institute of Foreign Languages. Now the Institute of Foreign Languages is developing intensively, especially in the organization of international conferences.

Today, educational and scientific cooperation with British educational institutions is actively developing, including the University of York (127 QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017) and the Edinburgh Napier University, as well as continuing cooperation with some language schools accredited by British Counsel.

As the Director of the Institute of Foreign Languages Natalia Sokolova noted, «RUDN University is actively implementing programs on intercultural communication and teaching foreign languages, where the Institute of Foreign Languages is the leader». The use of linguistic and humanitarian knowledge in general is extremely necessary. And the role of humanitarian knowledge does not fade, but increases. The humanitarian component and the power of the word are a powerful weapon for much effective solving the problems of a modern multicultural and multipolar world.

This is confirmed by the cooperation of RUDN University as a Research Institute with a number of universities of Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, and cooperation with embassies and cultural centers of these countries. Among the invariable friends of the Institute of Foreign Languages are the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the National University of Colombia and, University of Cordoba, the University of Bordeaux Montaigne, the University of Malaga, the University of Granada, S.D. Erzia International Art Foundation, as well as the Simon Bolivar Latin American Cultural Center, the French Institute, Cervantes Institute, Goethe-Institut Russland. This is not a completed list of colleagues and partners of the Institute of Foreign Languages of RUDN University who constantly support the international scientific conference «Actual problems of linguistics and the humanities».

Thus, with the participation of the long-standing partner of the Institute in the area of international academic mobility, the Macmillan publishing house in Russia, was organized in the framework of the conference, a methodical seminar «Actual issues of teaching English at a university».

The International Conference of the Institute of Foreign Languages of RUDN University  joined scientists and specialists in the areas of linguistics and the humanities, political science, cultural studies and ethnopsychology. Students from Guinea-Bissau, Italy, Yemen, Madagascar, Russia, United States attended the conference.

During the conference attention was also paid to educational work within the framework of the norms of the Bologna process. These are programs of the Lifelong Learning, additional pre-university, postgraduate education and additional education for students, a program educational and academic mobility. Wide discussion was dedicated to the psychological and methodological innovations, the effective introduction of technological innovations into the multimedia environment.

Traditionally, the international conference «Actual problems of linguistics and humanities» has determined the perspectives of future development of the Institute of Foreign Languages, its partners and the University as a whole in the development of the teaching of foreign languages and the humanities.

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