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RUDN Publishing House. Monographs published in 2015

  1. Svintsov A.P. and others. Forecasting emergencies at the industrial enterprises of oil products under the negative impact on concrete and ferroconcrete constructions. 
  2. Denisenko V.N., Rybakov M.A. The functions of phonemes alternation in Russian language.
  3. Tjulin A.E. Theory and practice of competences creation and control for raising competitiveness of integrated structures. 
  4. Chursin A.A. Theoretical foundations of competitiveness management theory and practice 
  5. Sevastjanov L.A. and others. Integral optics: theory and computer modeling.
  6. Sorokina А.А.,Mahrova A.I., Stanishevsky А.М., Kovaleva T.Yu. Photometric methods in the analysis of medicinal herbal substances and herbal drugs.
  7. Marahova A.I., Sorokina А. А.,Kuznetsov А.V., Stanyshevsky Ya.M.  Potentiometry in the analysis of medicinal herbal substances and herbal drugs.
  8. Korabuschenko N.B. and others. Psychology and pedagogics in XX century: theory, practice and perspectives.
  9. Pavlov D. М. Army Unit and as the legal body of the public right. Administrative-legal foundations of the creation and activity. 
  10. Ozhiganov E.N. Effectiveness of the new technologies exploitation: estimates and expenses.
  11. Ozhiganov E.N. The Strategy of intensive innovation development of Russia: human capital development and management.
  12. Kirichenko I.M. Aural and vestibular disorders of the demielinising genesis
  13. Bekeeva A.R. Peculiarities of New Zeeland English.
  14. Neverov A.V. Personnel evaluation as a factor of social development of organization.
  15. Zhabo N.I. Systems of ecological terminology in Russian and French languages: typology, semantics and functions.
  16. Litvinova A.G. Innovative approach of small and medium businesses aimed at the development at the industrial sector development
  17. Simonova М.А. Russian Orthodox Church, the state and society: facets of cooperation
  18. Fedotova L.N. Methodology and methods of media researches
  19. Dzhantaev H.М. Agreements of the International organizations in the light of Vienna Convention on the agreements right. 
  20. Radysh I.V. and others. Biorhythms, quality of life and health 
  21. Sopilko N.Yu. Production ties and regional integration: theoretical aspects.
  22. Harun Mahmud Brief History of Bengal. From the Ancient Time till Today. Glorious or Pathetic - Decide Yourself. 
  23. Vasilyuk I.P. Language, culture, personality – linguo-cultural triad 
  24. Martynenko Е.V. and others. Esthetic culture and journalism. 
  25. Dmitrieva Т.P. Semantic structure of the sentence (simple and complex sentences, an example of Russian language)
  26. Gorbatenko О.G. Leonov I.V. Judicial linguistic expertise: introductory course.
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