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Investigation of the effects of light regimens on the biological rhythms of the cardio-vascular system

Investigation of the effects of light regimens on the biological rhythms of the cardio-vascular system


The Department of General Pathology and Pathological Physiology at theInstitute of Medicine of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia is leading research work in this field since 2009 and it will continue for at least 5 years more.


We chose antihypertensive pharmacotherapy as a basic method of treatment of essential hypertension. Correct use of this approach and elaboration of new pharmaceutical agents made it possible to achieve considerable results in this field. Meanwhile the incidence of complications caused by the hypertensive injury of internal organs remains remarkable. Hence, it is necessary to search for some new alternative ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of hypertension treatment.Our projectis aimed at the investigation of the effects of light regimens on the biological rhythms of the cardio-vascular system.Our experiments are performed on spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR strain) with the use of telemetry monitoring of blood pressure, ECG and activity for 4-6 months continuously.

This method is designed to register physiological data in a wireless mode using a radio-transmitter – a small device, which is implanted into an animal body and functions independently for the whole period of study. The advantage of this method is obvious: animals do not suffer from any stress during experiment. They are not influenced by any other exogenous factors and the obtained data seem to be very close to their natural values. In a long-term monitoring of the mentioned above parameters a wide spectrum of cycle markers at various terms of primary hypertension under the action of different types of light regimen will be analyzed. Based on our results, we are planning to develop recommendations on the schedule of individual light regimens for patients who suffer from primary hypertension. 

Our international partners in the research work are:

University of Minnesota,Halberg Chronobiology Center (USA), Heidelberg University, Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (Germany)


The staff of this research project is formed by the prominent scholars of the RUDN Medical Institute: Prof .Mikhail L. Blagonravov, MD, PhD, DSc, Prof. Sergey M. Chibisov, MD, PhD, DSc, Prof. Tatyana Yu. Zotova, MD, PhD, DSc, LecturerVyacheslav A. Goryachev, MD.



The Department of General Pathology and Pathologic Physiology

Mikhail Blagonravov, MD, PhD, DSc, Professor

Mobile phone: +7 (903) 194-83-64,


E-mail: blagonravov_ml@pfur.ru,blagonravovm@mail

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